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    About the Product

    Face Sheilds: Protect your eyes and face from exposure to liquid splash, chemicals, and droplets.

    Material: PET, PU Open Cell Foam

    Size: 12.9" (330mm) wide x 8.6" (220mm) tall

    Weight: 4 grams


    • The wrap-around design of the Face Shield provides 180-degree coverage from the eyebrows to the chin.
    • High-quality PET Plastic and Anti-Fog coating ensure visual clarity without distortion.
    • With a comfortable elastic band and breathable sponge foam, the Face Shield is lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.
    • Face Shields fit easily into your backpack, briefcase, or trunk. Keep them where you need them. Shields come with protective plastic film on the front and back. Be sure to remove the protective film from both sides before use.

    Manufactured in China for ICU Health