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    About the Product

    Vented Goggles: ICU Health’s Non-Sterile goggles meet ANSI Z87.1 Protection Standard, and are designed to protect your eyes from contaminants, liquid splash, dust, and chemical exposure.

    Material: PVC frame with impact-resistant Polycarbonate lens (with 4 indirect air vents).

    Dimensions: 6 1/2" (165mm) wide x 3 1/3" (85mm) tall

    Weight: 3.84oz (108 grams)


    • CLEAR, ANTI-FOG, SCRATCH RESISTANT: The highly transparent, and durable polycarbonate clear lens creates a clear field of vision. The anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating technology provides optimal clarity. Fits over your regular glasses.
    • BREATHABLE: 4 Indirect Ventilation Ports restrict the influx of contaminants and prevent damage to the skin and eyes.
    • IMPACT RESISTANT - Meets ANSI Z87.1, ICU Health’s goggles protect eyes from direct and peripheral threats. 
    • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The soft and flexible edge provides a close, comfortable, and snug fit. The texture of the PVC frame is soft and bendable and seals to your face, while the elastic strap adjusts to fit tightly around a variety of head shapes. 
    • VERSATILE USE: Protects from pollution, chemicals, fluids, paint and dust. These masks are useful for the classroom, lab, chemistry, dental and medical work, construction and carpentry, and indoor and outdoor applications.

    Manufactured in China for ICU Health