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    ICU Eyewear is an FDA-certified manufacturer and supplier of eyewear to major retailers such as Target, Whole Foods Market, and Office Depot. ICU Eyewear, originally founded in 1950 as Cable Car Eyewear, is a globally recognized leader in over the counter reading eyewear, sunglasses and eyewear accessories. ICU Eyewear designs have revolutionized the reading glass industry with fun styles, bright colors and unique patterns at affordable prices for the everyday customer. A pioneer in the eyewear industry, ICU Eyewear was the first to develop and implement a manufacturing process for eco-friendly reading glasses made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal, sustainable plant based plastics and renewable materials such as bamboo.

    Leveraging our robust product supply chain and strong relationships with our oversees manufacturing partners, ICU Eyewear has established ICU Health Products to help supply desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment to U.S. health care workers, U.S. manufacturing operations, and U.S. retailer employees.

    PRESS RELEASE:  https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200329005025/en/ICU-Eyewear-Contour-Optik-Heed-Call-Expand

    ICU Health salutes our front line workers and heroes; doctors, nurses, first responders, essential retail workers and the staff that support them.  We pledge to do everything possible to continue to develop a reliable supply chain and consistent  flow of PPE to the American workers in need of this vital life saving protective gear.

    ICU Eyewear is a CarbonNeutral Certified business based in Hollister, California, USA.

    For additional information please contact us at: consumer relations (800) 435-5747