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    About the Product

    Adorable Mask Storage Pouch with 10 Disposable Kid-Sized Masks


    • 10 pieces of 3-ply pleated, disposable, polypropylene masks included
    • Latex-free, non-sterile, single-use
    • Mask size: 5.75" x 3.75" - Fits children 4-10 years
    • Available in 3 mask colors: blue, yellow, and pink

    Storage Pouch:

    • Nylon pouch with zipper closure
    • The integrated clip secures pouch to backpacks
    • Holds 10 masks
    • Available in four colors: Green Llama (blue masks), Teal Unicorn (pink masks), Blue Monster (yellow masks), and Red Zebra (blue masks)

    Masks and pouch manufactured in China for ICU Health