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    About the Product

    This item is a case of 10 units of retail ready 10-packs of eye shields.

    Minimum wholesale order is 1 Case.

    For pallet and/or truck load pricing contact sales@icuhealth.com

    Eye Shields - Meets ANSI Z87.1 safety eyewear certification standards. Impact-resistant, wrap-around eyewear designed to reduce the risk of eye splash injuries and exposure to spills, droplets, and other contaminants. 1 Box of Multicolored Disposable Eye Safety Protection Glasses, Transparent, Anti-Fog in 5 Colors (10 pieces per box)

    • Increase Eye Safety: With the wrap-around design and durable polycarbonate visor and lens, ICU Health Eye Shields protect eyes from direct and peripheral threats.
    • No Visual Obstruction and Ergonomic Fit: The clear lenses of the ICU Health Eye Shields let you see everything with zero distortion in your entire range of vision. Plus, the temple is contoured to create a proper fit.
    • Reduce Cross-Contamination: ICU Health Eye Shields offer a single-use, disposable eyewear solution so that you can reduce contamination in industrial and medical settings. No assembly required - simply grab an Eye Shield and go.
    • One Product, Many Uses: Eye Shields are useful for the classroom, lab, chemistry, dental and medical work, construction and carpentry, and indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Five Colors In Each Box: Each 10 piece box has a random assortment of primary colors: Red, Black, Purple, Brown, and Blue.

    Made in China for ICU Health